Nickel POCO User's Guide

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Virtual Joystick
Manual Slew
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Guider - CCD Setup
Non-Sidereal Rates
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Manual Dome
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Virtual Joystick

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POCO's virtual joystick permits the observer to manually move the telescope at moderate speeds by moving the green dot in the center of the joystick panel. The dot can be dragged in the desired direction with the cursor (left-click, hold, and drag), or the cursor can be placed anywhere in the panel, whereupon left-clicking and holding will cause the dot to jump to the cursor.

The direction the dot is moved determines the direction of telescope motion; its distance from center determines the speed of motion. Telescope motion continues as long as the dot is held away from center. Releasing the mouse button causes the motion to stop and the dot to spring back to center.

The Set and Guide buttons select the range of speed over which the joystick operates. "Set" selects a higher range then "Guide". Manual slewing is provided in another sub-window.

By default, the joystick moves the star in the direction requested. To instead move the telescope in that direction (in which case the star will move opposite), select the Options button to expand the panel and chose "Telescope."

The telescope may be moved in any direction and can move simultaneously in RA and Dec. By default, the directions in the joystick panel correspond to the directions on the acquisition/guide TV, To change the mapping of the directions, select the Options button to expand the panel, switch X and Y (equivalent to a 90-degree rotation), and/or flip one or both axes. Combinations of these permit all mappings of the cardinal directions.
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