Nickel POCO User's Guide

Table of Contents

Menu & Title Bar
Target Panel
Position Display
Guider Buttons
Dome Status
Limit Status
Time Display
Virtual Joystick
Manual Slew
Offset Telescope
Guider Offsets
Guider - CCD Setup
Non-Sidereal Rates
Focus Telescope
Home Telescope
Park Telescope
Manual Dome
All Limits Status
Message Log
Starlist & Starchart

Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Non-Sidereal Motion

The non-sidereal motion widget is provided for objects whose motion is significantly different from sidereal motion, e.g., comets and asteroids. It should not be regarded as a means of correcting or refining normal POCO tracking (see instead Guider Correction).

Rates are an increase or decrease relative to the sidereal rate and are entered directly into the RA and Dec boxes, or can be incremented or decremented by large or small steps using the <<, <, >, and >>, buttons. Pushing set initiates the rate. Null zeros the rate and returns POCO to normal tracking.

POCO can also learn tracking rates from the guider via the "Learn Rates..." function.
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