Nickel POCO User's Guide

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Menu & Title Bar
Target Panel
Position Display
Guider Buttons
Dome Status
Limit Status
Time Display
Virtual Joystick
Manual Slew
Offset Telescope
Guider Offsets
Guider - CCD Setup
Non-Sidereal Rates
Focus Telescope
Home Telescope
Park Telescope
Manual Dome
All Limits Status
Message Log
Starlist & Starchart

Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Home Telescope

POCO's Home Telescope function calibrates the telescope's position encoders by moving the telescope past the RA and Dec encoder fiducials at various speeds for increasingly precise calibration. The axes may be homed individually or both simultaneously.

Homing is not routinely required, and should only be done if you are certain that the telescope encoders have lost their positions. Before homing, check steps 1-5 in the Object Not Found help panel.

To initiate a homing sequence for either or both axes, click one or both Slew Home buttons. The rest of the sequence is automatic, lasting several minutes. The widget displays the progress of the homing sequence, displaying the state "1 - Axis is Homed" when completed. The homing sequence may be aborted with the Stop Motion button.
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