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Guider - CCD Setup

The CCD to Guide Camera offset ("CCD" is used here to refer to the science CCD) is a special case of a telescope offset, used for the frequent moves between guide camera and CCD, when direct imaging (this function is not useful for spectroscopy, where the POCO's pointing axis is always the slit). It is the equivalent of changing pointing axes form the Main Window and has the effect of moving the target from Guider Camera to CCD and vice versa. It's default values equal the distance, in arcseconds, between the guide camera axis and the science CCD axis.

If the CCD is the active axis, only a CCD to Guide Camera move is allowed. Conversely, if the Guide Camera is the active axis, only Guide Camera to CCD is allowed. However, if, as might occasionally be the case, the observer wishes to move an object from the inactive axis to the active one, he or she may do so by first pushing the Switch CCD <--> Guider without moving button, thus switching the active and inactive axes, but not moving the telescope. The desired move is now allowed.

The default values may not be precisely correct for an observers particular requirements, and may be changed. The new values remain in effect until others are entered, the defaults are restored, or POCO is restarted.

See Main Window, CCD/Guider on Axis for an explanation of pointing axes.
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