Nickel POCO User's Guide

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Menu & Title Bar
Target Panel
Position Display
Guider Buttons
Dome Status
Limit Status
Time Display
Virtual Joystick
Manual Slew
Offset Telescope
Guider Offsets
Guider - CCD Setup
Non-Sidereal Rates
Focus Telescope
Home Telescope
Park Telescope
Manual Dome
All Limits Status
Message Log
Starlist & Starchart

Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Position Display

The illustration shows the default form of the position display, and the one most commonly used by observers. Precession, refraction, pointing model, and other corrections are automatically applied, but the telescope position is expressed in terms of the epoch in which the target coordinates were entered. Thus, when a target is reached, the telescope position will equal the entered coordinates (until new coordinates are entered or the telescope is offset), leaving corrections invisible to the observer.

The current Hour Angle (HA), Airmass, Zenith Distance, Elevation, and Azimuth of the telescope are also displayed. Also included is the dome azimuth (which will usually not match the telescope azimuth as the telescope is not quite centered in the dome).

Coordinates at other levels of POCO logic do reveal corrections. These can be displayed by expanding the GUI. For the gory details, refer to the descriptions under GUI options.
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