User's Guide to Shane Remote Observations

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There are three instruments available for remote operations on the Shane 3-m (120") telescope: the Kast Double Spectrograph, the Prime Focus Camera, and the Hamilton Eschelle Spectrograph.

Remote observations with the Shane telescope is very similar to Keck Telescope remote observations, where you communicate with the telescope operator via a video conference link and run the science instrument software though VNC sessions.

Only observers already experienced in using the instrument will be allowed to do remote observations.

While remote observing may seem convenient, there are disadvantages to not being on-site. It is possible that the remote observing room (particularly the Keck Mainland Observing rooms) schedule may change at the last minute, making it unavailable for Shane remote observing. While internet connectivity is usually fast, it can become slow or be lost altogether. Also, not all the instrument and telescope hardware are remotely operable, so the remote observer will have to rely on the availability of local staff to do some operations, such as opening the mirror cover and turning off dome lights for dome flats, or moving the blue side manual stage for the Kast spectrograph.

Contact a support astronomer if you need more information that is not included in this manual.

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