User's Guide to Shane Remote Observations

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Shane Telescope Remote Observations Checklists

Before Run Checklist

Startup Checklist

  1. Log onto remote operations room computer.
  2. Connect to the 3-m control room Zoom video conference session.
    If you can't connect to it, call the 3-m TT. Contact numbers:
    • 3-m Telescope Control Room: 408-238-0652 or 408-238-0651
    • 3-m Electronics Shop: 408-238-4267
    • 3-m Telescope Tech Cell Phone: 408-316-9946
    • Support Astronomer On-Call Schedule
    • If all else fails, email with subject '120" REMOTE OBSERVER REQUESTS TECH HELP' and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. Start the VNC virtual desktops:
    <path>/start_lick_viewers shane
    (<path> is site specific so refer to VNC software for your location). Type VNC password into each of the six xterms that appear on workspace "One". If your site is using the new VNC start software you will only need to enter the password twice in a single location.
  4. Enter names and contact information for the observers and the remote observing room into the "Observer Contact Info..." GUI.
  5. Wait for TT to release the instrument for use. For safety reasons DO NOT start any observing software until the instrument is released for use by the TT.
  6. Once instrument is released for use, select Remote Observation Startup from the root menu on any one of the VNC virtual desktops.
  7. Set up instrument and perform calibrations as you would for local operation. Remember to coordinate with the TT if you need to move any manual stages or open mirror cover for dome flats, etc..
  8. Take lots of data, being sure to communicate well with the TT during the night via the video conference system.

Shutdown Checklist

  1. Take morning calibration data as needed (twilight flats, dome flats, darks, etc.) coordinating as necessary with the TT to make sure dome lights and mirror cover are in the proper state.
  2. Transfer data to your home institution. You may get your data from the web archive:
  3. Quit or Exit all software that is running within each of the VNC virtual desktops.
  4. "Ctrl-C" keystroke in xterm window that "start_lick_viewers" was started in to stop the VNC viewers.
  5. Tell TT you are shutting down and leaving the Zoom video conference session.
  6. Log out of remote computer, turn off lights, and lock the door.
  7. Go and get some well earned sleep.

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