User's Guide to the Hamilton Spectrograph

Table of Contents

Quick Reference
CCD Characteristics
Grating Tilt & Dewar Height
Filter Wheel & Shutter
Calibration Sources
Photon Integrator
Image Rotator
Iodine Cell & Slit Room Controller
Guide Camera & Filter Wheel
Data Taking System
Hamilton Motor Controller
Hamilton Focus
More Info:
Spectral Format
Navigating the Spectrum
Table of Orders
Setup Procedures
Observing Hints

Data Archive
Mt. Hamilton Homepage

Software Overview

Observing with the Hamilton Spectrograph requires a suite of programs that operate in concert, but are addressed through several GUIs, separated by function as follows:

Summary of Observing Software for the Hamilton Spectrograph
ProgramFunctionComputer: Command1
Data-Taker Control CCD array and set exposure parameters.
ssh user@dusty ham_coude_start 


ssh user@dusty ham__cat_start

For the Shane or CAT telescopes, respectively.
Hamilton Motor Controller Control Hamilton motorized stages: aperture plate, filter wheel, CCD focus, grating tilt, height, guider filter wheel, guider focus, guider zoom, arc and flat lamps, and iodine cell.
Showmidpoint Photon Integrator user interface.
Eventsounds Sound generator for exposure events.
catpc: eventsounds -a hamilton
gouda: eventsounds hamilton
Coords Starlist reading program. CAT observing version also precesses coordinates for CAT telescope pointing.
gouda: coords -poco yes
catpc: coords -poco no -focus CAT/new -number
Guider Copy Show a copy of the coude guider image on gouda for Shane Hamilton operations.
gouda: guidercopy coude
Guider CAT acquistion and guide camera software.
redeye2: guider_coude_start

redeye2: guider_cat_start

For the Shane or CAT telescopes, respectively.	
Slit Room Controller Iodine cell and CAT pickoff mirror controller.
1If no computer is specified, command is available and the same on every user computer.

Your observing needs and which telescope you are working at will determine which of the above pieces of software you will need for observing. Only the Data-Taker and the Hamilton Controller are required for all Hamilton Spectrograph Observers.

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