User's Guide to the Hamilton Spectrograph

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Iodine Cell & Slit Room Controller
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Iodine Cell and Slit Room Controller

Iodine Cell | Slit Room Controller

Iodine Cell

The Iodine Cell is used for calibrating high precision radial velocity measurements. The iodine cell is not a facility instrument. Observers wishing to use the iodine cell should gain permission from Dr. Debra Fischer and Dr. Geoff Marcy before their observing run.

Iodine Cell Temperature Controller

The iodine cell requires heating. It takes about 30 minutes for it to warm up. The Digi-Sense Temperature Controller for the iodine cell is located on the top of the electronics rack next to the east slit room door. The power switch is on the back of the unit. Once turned on, push the Run/Stop button to start the heater. Temperature should be set to 50.0 degrees Celsius.

The iodine cell is moved into the light path using the Slitroom Controller.

Slitroom Controller

Slitroom Controller

The Slitroom Controller moves the iodine cell and/or CAT pickoff mirror in and out of the light path, as well as actuating the CAT pickoff mirror cover.

The slitroom controller can be used either manually or via computer software. To use it manually, put the toggle switch to MANUAL. Below the toggle switch are three buttons: Iodine Cell, Pick-off Mirror, and Mirror Cover. Pushing a button will cause the state of that stage to change, e.g. move the iodine cell in to or out of the light path.

The slitroom controller software runs on shard. To start the software type slitroom_fe in any shard xterm. The main user interface is shown below.

slitroom_fe user interface

There are multiple ways to use this user interface to move the iodine cell and pickoff mirror. You may move each individual component directly using the menu buttons in the lower section of the GUI. Next to these menu buttons are status messages showing the position of each stage. Green indicates the current position and a yellow arrow indicates that the stage is moving.

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