Mount Hamilton Filter List

Narrow and Medium-band Filters
from 4000 to 4499 Angstroms,
kept at the 3-meter

4000400Thuan-Gunn V, Plot, Tablea4033/339
4000650Plot, Table, Red leak starting about 7000A.Tape used as spacer between glass layers.
402325Plot, Tablec; Labeled HED 7957, 2-inch round filter, very thick, doesn't fit in Kast filter wheel with standard filter holder. 4031/31
404360Plot, Tableb, periphery degraded, central 1.5 cm ok.4058/60
406070Plot, Tableb, 1.5-inch round filter.4103/72
4100100Plot, Tableb, 2-inch round filter.4098/89
4200250Plot, Tableb4234/254
421717Plot, Tablec; labeled HED 0836 1847, 2-inch round, very thick, doesn't fit in Kast filter wheel with standard holder.4225/27
422060Plot, Tableb, very thick.4222/58
426030Plot, Tableb, degraded filter, wavelength redder than orginal specs.4272/40
426080Plot, Tableb, 1.5-inch round filter. Degraded coatings, wavelength redder than original specs.4276/82
426565Plot, Tableb, periphery degraded, central 2 cm ok. 4266/64
430060Plot, Tableb, periphery degraded, central 3 cm ok.4314/57
431530Plot, Tableb4320/27
436045Plot, Tableb, very thick. Periphery degraded, only central 1 cm ok.4374/45
438020Plot, Tableb, Labeled ?old?, 2-inch round filter. Periphery degraded, only central 1 cm ok.4391/17
438020Plot, Tablec,Labeled HES 2348, 2-inch round filter, very thick. Won't fit in Kast filter wheel with standard holder.4390/29
445060Plot, Tableb4456/62
447960Plot, Tableb4480/51

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a Measured by M. Clendenin, 2012.
b Measured by E. Gates, 2012.
c Measured by B. Dupraw, 2012.
d Gaussian fit to 2012 plot.