Mount Hamilton Filter List

Narrow and Medium-band Filters
blueward of 4000 Angstroms,
kept at the 3-meter

33001150Plot, Table, Red leak starting about 7000A. Very thin filter.
338055Plot, Tablec3387/54
338030Plot, Tablec, labeled HES 1151, 2-inch round filter. Smearing/corrosion on both sides.3391/36
344090Plot, Tablec3453/105
350050Plot, Tablea3502/48
3500800Plot, Table, Red leak starting about 7000A. Very thin filter.
3600600Plot, Table, Red leak starting about 7000A. Thin filter.
365080Plot,Tablea, 1.5-inch round filter3715/66
365020Plot,Tablea, labeled HES 1215, 1.5-inch round filter3656/24
366270Plot,Tablea, periphery degrading, central 1 inch ok.3666/77
369030Plot,Tablea, labeled HES 0458, 2-inch round filter, periphery degrading, central 1-inch ok.3694/33
3700100Plot,Tablea, deterioration on periphery, central 1.5 inches ok.3715/97
380465Plot,Tablea, crack in one corner on mirrored side.3810/62
3825300Plot, Tablec, clouded at edges, only central 1 cm ok3876/280
387030Plot,Tableb, degraded, wavelength shifted significantly redwards3912/50
387060Plot,Tablea, periphery deteriorating, central 1.5 cm ok3878/71
387150Plot,Tableb, 1.5-inch round filter.3922/44
395360Plot,Tableb, periphery deteriorating3964/65
397260Plot,Tablea, periphery deteriorating3983/59

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aMeasured by M. Clendenin, 2012.
bMeasured by E. Gates, 2012.
cMeasured by B. Dupraw, 2012.
dGaussian fit to 2012 plots.