UCO/Lick Observatory

Rudolph Minkowski

Observational Astronomy Workshop

October 15 - October 19, 2015

Lick Observatory, Mt Hamilton, CA

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Between 15 and 19 October 2015, Lick Observatory shall host a 5-day Observational Astronomy Workshop on Mount Hamilton. Intended to provide an introduction to observing, the Workshop is open to entering and early program University of California graduate students.

The Workshop is once again made possible thanks to a 2013 donation from UC Irvine astronomy professor, Virginia Trimble, allowing UCO to defray most, if not all, expenses.

The 5-day workshop is scheduled for October 15 to October 19. The number of participants is limited to 20 persons.

Registration: August 28 - October 2, 2015

The workshop will be run by the Lick Staff Astronomers, featuring hands-on experience with the Kast spectrograph on the Shane telescope, the Hamilton spectrograph on the Coude Auxiliary Telescope (CAT), and direct imaging with the Nickel 1-m reflector. Additionally, the Workshop promises introductory lectures, interactive observation planning sessions, rewarding observatory experiences as well as valuable networking opportunities embracing the whole of UC Astronomy.

Participants will be accommodated in the new and old dorms. Rooms are doubles or triples with shared baths.

Participants may be asked to assist with food preparation.

Shane Telescope and Dome

Shane telescope image copyright Laurie Hatch