UCO/Lick Observatory

Mary Lea & C. Donald Shane

Observational Astronomy Workshop

October 24 - October 28, 2013

Lick Observatory, Mt Hamilton, CA







Bear Warning



Photos and Data

Reimbursements (Updated: 2013-10-15)

Participants must claim post travel reimbursements by submitting the appropriately completed forms and documents to UCSC. At least two forms must be submitted:
  1. A UCSC Payee Setup Form (identification number 204).
  2. A UCSC Post Travel Expense Reimbursement Form.
These forms, guidelines and instructions are available from Resources.

Driving (Updated: 2013-10-15)

A downloadable tri-fold Lick Observatory information leaflet, including driving directions and a map of UCO/Lick installations at the summit of Mount Hamilton are available from Resources.

There are no gasoline or automotive services on Mount Hamilton. It is recommended that vehicles are re-filled with fuel before departing urban San Jose/Livermore/Patterson for the ascent to the summit of Mount Hamilton.

Re-fuelling also prepares for the (low probability) contingency of evacuation of the observatory via routes to Patterson and/or Livermore.

The recommended approach to Mount Hamilton from the West (San Jose) is via Alum Rock Road and Mount Hamilton Road (California State Route 130). The alternative approach to Mount Hamilton Road (via Quimby Road) is not recommended and is unsuitable for large vehicles. GPS and/or Satellite navigation systems provide unreliable journey time estimates for the ascent of Mount Hamilton Road. A minimum time of 1 hour should be allowed for the ascent from the junction of Alum Rock Road and Mount Hamilton Road.

From the East, Mount Hamilton can be approached from Livermore or from Patterson (Interstate 5). Re-fuel before departing Livermore or Patterson. From Patterson, turn North-West onto Puerto del Canyon Rd (California Route 130). From Livermore, take Mines Road, heading South. At The Junction Bar & Grill, head South on San Antonio Valley Rd (California Route 130). Allow 2 hours from Patterson. The Junction Bar & Grill, is a convenient rest/refreshment stop. It requires 1 hour to drive the remaing 19 ascending miles to the Observatory from The Junction Bar and Grill. In heavy winds or rain approaching from the East may be more susceptible to delays due to fallen rocks, trees or flash flooding in the road.

Allowing additional time (circa 30 minutes) is recommended to accommodate contingencies such as slow moving vehicles, rock falls, road traffic accidents, construction, detours for public festivals, livestock in the road, etc.

Mobile phone network reception on Mount Hamilton is unreliable. All necessary communications should be completed before departing an urban center.

The maximum permissable speed along Mount Hamilton Road in the vicinity of the Observatory within the Observatory precincts varies between 15 mph and 25 mph. Pedestrians are present at all times of day and night.

Parking in the dormitory precincts is limited. Ensure that vehicles are parked such that other vehicles are not prevented from departing. Do not obstruct access to garages at any time. Please consider car-pooling with other participants.