UCO/Lick Observatory

Mary Lea & C. Donald Shane

Observational Astronomy Workshop

October 24 - October 28, 2013

Lick Observatory, Mt Hamilton, CA







Bear Warning



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Bear Warning (Updated 2013-10-15)

Grizzly Bears were hunted to extinction from California decades ago. Black Bears are still present in Calfornia, mainly concentrated in the mountains encircling the central valley and extensions to the South. Unfortunately, the Diablo range in which Mount Hamilton lies is not Black Bear country.

Bear, Chief Mouser to the Observatory, an incorrigible Bounder and a Cad
Image: Bear --- Chief Mouser to the Observatory; An incorrigible Bounder; A Cad. Commencing spell-casting...

However, in addition to the Great and Lesser Bears (Ursa Major, Ursa Minor) the summit of Mount Hamilton does have a formidable resident Bear --- who is more of a lover than a fighter. Romances of fame such as Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, King Ptolemy III and Queen Berenice II of Egypt, Perseus and Andromeda cannot hold a candle to the wits and wiles of this Lothario. Despite his charms, his reputation as a dangerous liaison precedes him.

The gregarious Bear promenades the Observatory's precincts, indiscriminately touting his favours to anyone and everyone. A gigolo, he is a vociferous and persistent courtier of affection. One particularly endearing trait is this Casanova's penchant for climbing the body of an affable passer-by and perching himself parrot-like upon their shoulder. Among his wider repertoire of spells, Bear has a pseudo-mesmeric ability to enchant visiting astronomers and dormitory dwellers to invite him into their accommodations. His magic incantations seem most effective upon female guests.

It is only after having gained admittance to the boudoir that Bear's true character is revealed:

An incorrigible bounder and a cad!

Most reportedly, the devious and dastardly miscreant exhibits his signature love and affection through the very unique delivery of what, only under the loosest and most vulgar definition, may be termed eau de toilette. Ergo, he locates a collection of fabric/linen/clothes within one's domestic apartments and proceeds to urinate thereupon --- a behaviour which makes this Bear truly grizzly.

Therefore, participants should go no further than presenting their warmest greetings and finest compliments of the season to Bear and forbear permitting entrance of said feline to their accommodations.