Mount Hamilton Filter List

Miscellaneous Filters Kept at the 3-meter

UG?1 mmpurple, fingerprint on corner
UG5 ?1 mmpurple, might be UG1 or 11
UG52 mm
KG12 mm
88-A??red; labeled "for filter wheel"
BG-31 mmfingerprints on one edge/corner
BG-142 mm
BG-14??in labeled holder
??2 mmblue, no label
AO-32 mmtape on one corner
KG-22 mmin holder
GG-3853 mmlabeled on side
KV-4183 mmtape label on filter
KV-4703 mmtape label on filter
GG-4952 mm2 mm wedge
OG-42 mmtape label on filter
OG-515 ?2 mmbroken corner, large chip adjacent to same corner
OG-530 ?2 mm
OG-5501 mm1.5 x 2 inch in size
BG-121 mm
RG-610??in holder
RG-8502 mm2 filters, each with a fingerprint on its edge
RG-81 mm
RG10003 mmtape label RG1000 on filter
UG???in holder
BG-382 mmCurrently in Hamilton Guider filter wheel
liquid filled filter, .250 CuSO4, 1 mm quartz windows, large bubble
13-25-9-52 mmfingerprint on corner
NG11 ?2 mmtwo filters, may or may not both be NG11
NG11??in holder
UG-5??in holder
liquid filter, probably CuSO4, large bubble
liquid filter in 2-inch holder, probably CuSO4, half empty, crystalized blob
ND Filters
ND 0.4
Currently in Khayyam
ND 0.8
Currently in Khayyam
ND 1.0
Currently in Khayyam
ND 2.0
Currently at APF
ND 3.0
Currently in 120" Guider, empty holder
ND 4.0
Currently in Khayyam
Lenses and Dichroics
1.5-inch Lens
1.5-inch round
1.5-inch Lens
in 2-inch holder
2-inch Lens
2-inch round
2-inch Lens
in holder
Cyan Dichroic

Blue Dichroic
1 x 2-inch, labeled "Please Return unused portion to S. Vogt, U. C. Santa Cruz"
Detector Trimmer
Detector Trimmer1 mm
Filters not stored in slots
Kast 3" CuSO4
3-inch diameter round
Filter No. 2A Kodak
2-inch square in box
??thickapprox. 1 x 3 cm, in holder. Black, green sheen on one side
1-inch round, 13-26-8 on side, envelope says 13-27-7-5
??3 or 4 mmclear
Box of three 1-inch round filters
#25 Kodakthinin cardboard holder, Wratten Gelatin Filter
F2 Filter in B Glass~8 mm3-inch square Kodak Wratten Filter
3-inch square red filter
??4 mm1.5 x 3 inch clear glass
Ground Glass Diffusersmiscmiscellaneous sizes, thicknesses, and shapes
UG11; 3mm C9863; WR39B
labeled "From Slit Pedestal"
??2 mmapprox. 3 x 4 inch red glass filter
Box of six 3 3/4-inch round glass
Plexiglass U.Y.A.
labeled (0.150-inch thickness to absorb lambda<3450A
Wratten 18A
Kodak in B Glass, dark red
Corning? Blue Filterthickchipped corners

All filters are 2-inch square unless otherwise noted.