Mount Hamilton Filter List

Narrow and Medium-band Filters
redward of 8000 Angstroms,
kept at the 3-meter

8000100Plot, Tablea, 2-inch round filter, very thick.8004/97
803890Plot, Tablea8044/79
8040600Plot, Tablea, chips in opposite corners on mirrored side. Very thin filter.8035/675
809190Plot, Tablea8096/89
814592Plot, Tablea8148/88
822590Borrowed. Never Returned. Borrower unknown.
847055Plot, Tablea8472/55
8478100Plot, Tablea8478/100
857090Borrowed in 2005 by Arjun Dey. Never Returned.
873090Plot, Tablea8735/100
8750650Borrowed in 1997 by Chris Simpson & Dan Stern. Never returned.
8800250Plot, Tablea, labeled CH4 Mike Brown.872/263
895090Plot, Tablea8950/89
9000400Plot, Tablea, labeled Corion9039/325
9070100Plot, Tablea9078/90
9160100Plot, Tablea9152/97
9230100Plot, Tablea9231/83

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aMeasured by M. Clendenin, 2012.
dGaussian fit to 2012 plot.