Detector Data for Mount Hamilton Facility Instruments

Dewar #9 Specifications

Uses 1-meter spectroscopy and direct imaging
Date installed7/26/93
Detector Ret #4 Thin 400x1200 4 phases
27 u-meter pixels
Amplifier B (turn CCD 180 degree and use DOWN direction)
Temperature -114 C.
Gain (e-/DN)1.72
Noise3.7 * 1.72 = 6.4 e-
Notes Slow down parallel clocks with 0.1uf to reduce dark current.
Keep the dewar cold all the time.
UV Flood Do UV flood in dry oxygen with sieve in the dewar. When you do UV flood again, please fill dry oxygen, UV flood for about 40 min, then stop UV flood and pump the dewar for not more than 15 min. and cool it immediatly. (don't expose to air, otherwise you must bake the sieve at 180 degree for about one hour befor you fill oxygen and do UV flood)