Detector Data for Mount Hamilton Facility Instruments

Dewar #6 Specifications

Uses Hamilton Spectrograph
Date installed 2/3/98
Detector Lick3 L4-9-00AR Thin 2048x2048
15 u-meter pixels
Mike Lesser thinned
Temperature -120 C.
Gain (e-/DN) AR: 1.4 (2.8 with 2x attenuator)
AL: 1.4 (2.8 with 2x attenuator)
NoiseAR: 8.7 e- slow, 10.1 e- fast
AL: 8.4 e- slow, 10.1 e- fast
Dark NonMPP Vv=4, -8v @ -118 C (IO pump on):
16 e-/pixel/hour
Vertical Traps A direction: 15
B direction 9
Full Well Vv=2,-8: MPP: 74.7 Ke- / NonMPP: 67.7 Ke-
Vv=4,-8: MPP: 73.5 Ke- / NonMPP: 88.2 Ke-
Fringing 10% @ 8000A
19.6% @ 9000A
NotesCosmetically very good.
Replaces cosmetically poor thin CCD formerly in dewar 6.
2X attenuator is installed on video line by default (see "Gain" above).
Surface is slightly concave, deviating from flat by about +/- 12 microns.
OK to use MPP.
26v regular added to Dewar#6 box for Vdd and Vr, Feb.18,1997.