Two Weeks on Mars: Participants' Bios

Two Weeks On Mars


Bill Sheehan is a Mars historian, author of two books on the red planet: The Planet Mars: a history of observation and discovery and Mars: the lure of the red planet. He feels that before coming to Lick Observatory to observe Mars with the great refractor, he had been in the position of someone fascinated with a far-off country; he had studied it, learned a great deal about it, even written about it. But he had never been there -- until now.

Tony Misch has been Support Astronomer at Lick Observatory for sixteen years. He came to the project with formal training as an artist and an almost complete ignorance (or, as he prefers, "innocence") of Martian topography. The former proved a help in rendering the planet on paper, the latter in compelling him to draw what he saw rather than what he knew.

Laurie Hatch is an artist and photographer whose acclaimed series of photographs of Lick Observatory and its surroundings is on display in the observatory's gallery ( see Laurie's website). In addition to being documentary photographer of our project, she continued the series of sketches after the rest of the team returned to other duties.

Rem Stone is Research Astronmer and Director of Operations on Mt. Hamilton and has been associated with the Lick Observatory for thirty six years. He has an affection for the telescopes and a knowledge of their lore that is unsurpassed.