Two Weeks on Mars: Drawings Made at the Lick 36-inch Refractor
Drawings from the Lick 36-inch Refractor
This page presents thumbnails of many of the drawings made by us during the 2003 close approach, and a selection by E. E. Barnard from the 1894 opposition, using the same telescope. Mars' and Earth's relative rotation rates reveal a new part of Mars' surface at the beginning of each night which soon rotates out of view. Consequently, were the drawings made over the course of a single revolution of Mars arranged in the order of their making, the direction of rotation would appear reversed. Here we have arranged them generally from last to first to reflect the true direction of rotation. (Note, however, that not all drawings are from a single revolution.)

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image displayed in a separate window. You may also
compare observers' drawings of the same regions or read observers' descriptions by region. Laurie has further described her drawings in her article La Tabula Rosa.


Drawings by Laurie Hatch (2003)

Drawings by Tony Misch (2003)

Drawings by William Sheehan (2003)

Drawings by Edward Emerson Barnard (opposition of 1894)