POCO's starlist option invokes the Lick starlist program coords. It is invoked from the "Functions" pulldown menu in POCO's Main Window. When called, it either automatically displays the last starlist file selected or, if it has no record of a previous file, offers instead a file-finding widget, open by default to the standard path for users' starlist files: /home/Observers/starlists/ on the machine Observers are encouraged to copy their starlists into this directory.

Starlists are observer-generated text files. They must confirm to coords' rules for starlist formatting. These rules are very broad and inclusive, and allow for customization. The minimum entries for a starlist field are object name, RA, Dec, and Equinox,

Clicking on a list entry in the starlist widget will cause its coordinates and equinox to appear in the Catalog coordinate display at the top of the widget. Clicking the Send to POCO button will copy them to the coordinate entry boxes in POCO's Main Window (to move the telescope to the newly entered coordinates, one must push the Move to Target button in the Main Window).

A starchart of the current Catalog coordinates may be retrieved and displayed using the Charts button. The default is SkyView. Observers may optionally choose charts from the STScI Digital Sky Survey, and the University of Cambridge APM. See also the starcharts option in the POCO Functions pulldown menu.

Starlists may be sorted by a variety of criteria using the Sort by pulldown menu in the starlist widget. New starlist files are loaded by pushing the New File button, which displays a file-finder widget.

Example charts available from POCO starlist widget:
  • SkyView
  • STScI Digital Sky Survey
  • Cambridge APM